The Challenge

By taking a tech-and-spec approach with up-close shots of engines on its social media channels, Evinrude Outboard Motors had limited growth, reach and engagement online and lacked assets and strategy to reach multiple personas.

The Action

Backed by competitive research, performance assessment and insights into available white space, we created Evinrude’s first Social Media Playbook. This comprehensive, evolving, living document shifted and guided how to deliver Evinrude’s story on social media in an engaging, consistent and compliant manner. We then activated the playbook strategy by personifying the brand with the creation of a brand character to guide Evinrude’s voice in social media.

The Results

With the Social Media Playbook and brand character, not only did we create a style and personality that’s exclusively Evinrude’s, but we humanized the brand to be less promotional and more relatable – ultimately unleashing the incredible connective power of social media to unite, extend and excite a passionate community of followers for increased reach and engagement.


Social media is about building and representing a brand’s community authentically and effectively. Our Evinrude Women Diversity Campaign brought the true gender diversity of our boating family active on the water to our online community, centering those voices. The end result: The Marine Marketers Association Neptune Award for Best Diversity Initiative.

We created multiple content campaigns designed to diversify our audience demographic and more broadly mirror key decision-makers and influencers in the marine industry.