The Challenge

Consumers have many choices when it comes to automotive products. However, not all products are built, or in this case, remanufactured equally.

The Action

Develop a campaign to tout ETE REMAN as the best choice for remanufactured auto transmissions – more reliable, better quality and second-to-none customer service – and bring it to life with a cohesive look-and-feel and consistent messaging across channels.

The Result

The campaign reached a captive target audience in known environments of automotive and transmission publications. ETE REMAN reinforced its position as the company you can depend on for remanufactured transmissions.


The ETE REMAN print ad won a 2019 Graphis Silver Award.

ETE Reman print ad – We created a new print ad to grab the attention of the company’s main audience who had seen the same print ads for years. Show them that ETE REMAN remanufactures transmissions like the original – only better.

ETE Reman video – We planned and produced a new brand video to grab the attention of ETE REMAN’s main audience, convey the brand story to inspire employees and build pride internally and reinforce the success of the company, its people and products.

ETE Reman website – Backed with new assets and stronger messages, we revamped the website, including consolidating multiple sites into one site design that’s fully controlled under one CMS, instituting a best practices internal process for making updates.  

ETE Reman photoshoot – Like many manufacturing companies, ETE REMAN lacked the visual assets to showcase quality and expertise while conveying its brand story, so we planned a photo shoot to capture multiple facets of the business and build a new library of images to reinforce how every employee is vital to the success of the company and its products.

Applied Services

Design and Creative; Traditional and Digital Advertising;
Web Infrastructure