Ideas with muscle and profitability.

For those who don’t work in it, manufacturing might have a boring or dated rap. But we emphatically disagree. Manufacturers have some of the most dynamic and complicated businesses challenges. They’re dealing with fluctuating regulations and trade laws, complex logistics and fulfillment processes, integrating AI and automation in the right places, balancing OEM expectations with direct-to-consumer opportunities, finding skilled labor and optimizing the line for better profitability and efficiency – all while developing the latest and greatest innovations.

The pressure to create, compete and deliver is intense. The expounding variety of innovation is incredible, and the ability to breakthrough depends on more than just amazing awareness campaigns. We bring ideas not only for marketing and communications but for product and service innovation and operations, too. We’re here to brainstorm, provide counsel and help manufacturing clients figure out the next right move, no matter the scope or size of the budget. We also explore various forms of measurement, helping clients pair their efforts with the right KPIs that prove the value and outcomes of their work.

We’ve worked with all kinds of manufacturers, from start-ups to century-old, local to global and engines to consumer technology. A recent example is our work with Hayes Performance Systems that helped refresh the parent brand, aligning its bike brands and power brake product categories under one corporate identity, and then apply it to a new award-winning website that was readily adapted for e-commerce shortly after.