Ideas for diagnosis, not just symptoms.

Healthcare is one of the most critical needs and yet one of the most complex industries to navigate for businesses and consumers alike. Providers have to grapple with differentiation amid more consolidation, navigate reimbursement issues affecting profitability and deliver the expertise required to attract more patients. Companies developing medical products and new innovations face tough competition, regulatory changes and difficult procurement processes.

Our team understands these challenges and has the industry experience to deliver ideas that create results. Healthcare is a deeply personal matter. Whether developing a new device or growing a practice, the ability to connect on a human level is a must. We bring ideas to healthcare organizations that help them strike an emotional chord while also having a clear business value. Not only can we develop healthcare marketing and communications strategies, but we evaluate product and service offerings and improve operational and systems design, too.

Colon cancer is a leading cause of cancer-related deaths for men and women, and even though it’s preventable with screenings, people aren’t getting colonoscopies as they should. As part of an ongoing campaign to promote the expertise at GI Associates, we developed creative that stands out as a theoretical kick in the butt urging people to get their screenings so they don’t have regrets. Designed to have a long shelf-life, the campaign features people of all ages, ethnicities and presumed physical health, as colon cancer can affect anyone, alongside bold statements for encouragement.

Another aspect of disruption is creativity in context. This out-of-home message is one of many in the campaign that resonates with frustrated drivers and those frustrated with digestive issues – all while bringing a bit of levity to a serious topic.